Autumn 2016

Life Matters

A series of five talks tackling issues around
Faith, Life and Ethics

at The United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester, on Wednesdays at 12.30 – 1pm.
Refreshments available.  No entrance charge, but your donations are most welcome.

12 October Neil Messer
Ethics, Embryos and Others
The Rev’d Professor Dr Neil Messer completed his PhD in molecular biology in Cambridge before a call to ordained ministry in the United Reformed Church led him to study theology in Cambridge and at King’s College London. He served as a church minister before moving into theological teaching and research at Mansfield College, Oxford, the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, and the University of Wales, Lampeter. He came to Winchester in 2009 and was made Professor of Theology in 2011.
  • The talk was introduced by the Rev’d Amanda Goulding.  To listen again, click the ‘play’ button (white triangle).

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19 October Symon Hill
Sexual Identity
Symon Hill is a left-wing Christian activist and author. His latest book is The Upside-Down Bible: What Jesus really said about money, sex and violence (DLT, 2015). His views on sexuality have changed considerably over time; in 2011, he walked from Birmingham to London as a pilgrimage of repentance for his homophobia. He is now openly bisexual. He has recently taken up a job at the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) and was one of the founders of the No Pride in War campaign. He grew up in a working-class family in the Midlands and now lives in Oxford.
  • The talk was introduced by the Rev’d Amanda Goulding.  To listen again, click the ‘play’ button (white triangle).

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26 October Paul Hackwood
God and Violence
The Rev’d Canon Paul Hackwood has been a trustee of Church Urban Fund (CUF) since 2005 and took on the role of Executive chair in 2013. Before that he was the Archdeacon of Loughborough and a Canon Residentiary of Leicester cathedral. He has extensive practical experience of social justice issues from a faith perspective, having worked previously as Social Responsibility Adviser to the Bishop of St Albans and as Vicar of Thornbury in Bradford. During his time in Thornbury he established the Thornbury Centre, a Church-based multicultural community centre and social enterprise, and the Peaceworks initiative, working to bring people of different faiths together to develop mutual understanding. He is an Independent Member of West Yorkshire Police Authority and a Non-Executive of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Primary Care Trust.
  • The talk was introduced by the Rev’d Amanda Goulding.  To listen again, click the ‘play’ button (white triangle).

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  • In her concluding remarks, Amanda mentioned Paul’s blog on the Church Urban Fund web-site, specifically his article Father Jacques and opposing hate, written after Father Jacques Hamel was murdered on 26 July 2016.
2 November Debbie Thrower
New Faith in Later Life
A former journalist and broadcaster, Debbie Thrower is a Church of England Licensed Lay Minister and Anna Chaplain to Older People in Alton, Hampshire, where Anna Chaplaincy was first developed. She joined the staff of Bible Reading Fellowship in 2014 when she became Team Leader of The Gift of Years, a programme to resource the spiritual journey of older people. She is an honorary lay Canon and Chapter member of Winchester Cathedral. Her extensive media experience informs her approach to promoting the spiritual welfare of older people; using the narrative of people's lives to seek shape, meaning and purpose, and to foster hope and resilience.
  • The talk was introduced by the Rev’d Canon Peter Seal.  To listen again, click the ‘play’ button (white triangle).

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  • Debbie referred to the web site The Gift of Years.
  • Debbie has kindly provided a transcript of her talk, with references (PDF).
9 November Peter Speck
Ethical Issues in End-of-Life Care
The Rev’d Prebendary Peter Speck graduated with a first degree in biochemistry and zoology before studying for an MA in theology. His thesis focused on the theological aspects of visiting in times of illness. Following a position in Parish Ministry in North Wales and as chaplain in Sheffield, Peter became a Chaplain and Honorary Senior Lecturer (medical ethics) at the Royal Free Hospital in London. He was Trust Chaplaincy Team Leader for Southampton University NHS Trust until 2002. Currently he is Visiting Fellow (Faculty of Medicine) at Southampton University and Hon. Senior Lecturer, King’s College London (Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation). Peter has published widely in the field of palliative and spirital care and bereavement. He is a Fellow and Member of the Council of Palliative Care section of the Royal Society of Medicine. His research interests include belief systems and whether they influence outcomes in illness, with several peer reviewed papers published. Peter was awarded a doctorate of medicine in 2012.
  • The talk was introduced by the Rev’d Amanda Goulding.  To listen again, click the ‘play’ button (white triangle).

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  • Peter has kindly provided the notes for his talk (PDF).

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